Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fixin' & Mixin'

It was a busy couple days of fixing the walls, mixing mud and then getting the walls straight with plaster. The weekend is gone, but the walls are ready for the next/final two stages now. Here are some pictures from the last two days. Above: Komagome-san is fixing the winch so that our legs (especially our knees) will be happier.
Below: Jinnouchi-san uses an ingenious method to strengthen the soft areas of the walls. He takes two slivers of bamboo (which we sharpen into mini-stakes), attaches a thin piece of twine to the tops of them and then hammers the bamboo diagonally into the sides of the soft area. It stretches the netting and then tightens the area between the two stakes. We used this technique in about 2 dozen places around the house.

Above & Bellow: Maiko & Komagome-san stretch out the ends of the twine so they are easily plastered over.

Above: Noda-san shows Shimizu-san and his girlfriend how to make a good mix of mud.
Below: Noda-san leads the plasterer's on the wall. We attached one heavy layer of mud to get the walls flush/flat before adding the mesh netting and another thin coat to prepare for the next stage of lime.

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