Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good Customer Service

On the back of Toby's ski helmet, he has a sticker that jokingly says, "Sabisu ga ichiban" (Service is Best). Well, when it comes to treating customers, we do indeed believe that treating them is number one!!

Yesterday, Toby decided to give the "best" (according to some other people) bicycle shop in the area one last chance at redemption for he had nothing but bad experiences there over the last couple years. Toby had a brake issue with his Trek that he couldn't resolve himself. He needed a professional to look at it. He went to Cranker and they asked if he bought the bike from them. Toby said, "No. I brought it over from America", and they said they couldn't help him because it wasn't a bike purchased at their store. Toby looked around at all the Trek bikes they had in the store and was very disappointed that they couldn't take just a few minutes to look at the problem. Both Maiko & Toby have worked retail, as well as many other types of businesses where customer service is very important. We both knew right away that this shop does not understand the benefits of taking 5 minutes out of their busy day and helping someone that could possibly bring them a lot of business later OR refer business to them. Maybe business is thriving so much for them that they don't need new customers. Maybe. Regardless, it was strike 3 for us at Cranker and we left saying that we will NEVER go to that shop again.

10 minutes away, Toby spotted the small bike shop he had noticed while riding the bus a few weeks ago. They dropped in and the owner immediately jumped to action. He fixed the brake issue in about 10 minutes and Toby said he'd be back for more business. Nakamura-san was a super nice guy and has been running his bike and snowboard shop for 17 years. I have no doubt that he'll continue to run his shop for another 17 years plus with his customer service philosophy. Domo arigato, Nakamura-san!! You rawk!!

Bobbish Snowboard & Sports Cycle Shop is located at 4jyo 24chome (very close to Nitori). The phone number is 0166-31-1474. Here is a web link I found, as well.

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Norman Delaney said...

Some people just don't get it.
A little service goes a long way.
It creates a good memory that can last a life time.
CRANK is not the best bike shop in this area, and their 素人くさい website looks like a patchwork of half baked ideas.
They will continue to get new customers just like NOVA eikawa did until it all comes tumbling down, due to a lack of attention to THE BASICS.
Be like ICHIRO.
Practice the basics for 3 hours before each and every game, and then see what happens next.
Break Pete Rose's record?
Yea. This Year!!!