Monday, May 17, 2010

The Neighborhood

Here are few pictures from our Sunday in Higashikawa.

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Above: Toby went for a beautiful 25km loop bike ride in the morning. He followed the river up to Chubetsu Dam and then looped back past Hanakagura Onsen before finishing at Square One.

Above & Below: A flower planting workshop peformed by a professional florist. She gave us pointers on not only how to plant flowers, but also when to plant, where to plant and how to care for flowers, plants, trees and etceteras. A very educational 90 minutes in Green Village!!

Above & Below: Maiko, pictured, and Toby went for a "mamachari" (shopping basket bicycle) ride around the area to do some shopping, find a bakery, visit a museum, stroll through a park and so on. Here are a couple of photo's of the landscape of our neighborhood. This is about 1km from Square One.


Norman Delaney said...

Nice neighborhood!
Check out my latest photos on FLICKR
Hope to see you all again soon.

b.m.t. said...

Nice pic's, Snowman! Where, in our town,was that "bear sighting" sign??

Norman Delaney said...

The Bear Sighting sign was right there at the Taisetsu Asahi Dake cold spring water fill up station which is along the road that goes behind the Chubetsu Lake.
When you get to the Y in Route 213, that goes right to Tenninkyo and left to Asahidake, you take the left onto Route 1160 and about 400 meters up that road, there will be a turn off on the left side to the cold spring water fill up station. If you continue straight along that road behind the lake, there are some awesome sights for both mountain bikers and drivers, as well. Don't ya just love Hokkaido?!?!?!?

b.m.t. said...

Aha. The Gensui tokoro! Gotcha! Yep, I swing by there often on the way back from Asahidake! It's a good place to refill your water bottles, too, if you are cycling!