Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rice Farming

With the rice paddies right next to Square One and Toby passing through hundreds of rice fields on his bicycle commute to/from Tohma, we are enjoying watching the process of how the rice makes it to our table.

Now that the snow is gone everywhere except in only the higher altitudes, the farmers have started to work from the crack of dawn to make up time. After dragging the fields, they fill them with water, drag/level them again and then add the seeds that they have prepped in greenhouses. for the areas near the sides of rice fields and places that the tractors can't reach, seeds are still planted by hand. You can see this whole process in the 6 pictures below. Click on any image to enlarge. クリックすると拡大できます

1 comment:

Norman D. said...

Rice Field farming.
That's a tough row to hoe.
I'm sure you have see some of the older people who can't stand up straight when they walk.
It must be from rice farming, before the days of tractors and the like.
If I was a farmer (wish I could be) I would grow CORN, and lots of it.
Food to eat and biofuel from the left over stalks. Not to mention some corn liquor "white lighting".
Tortilla Chips every day!!!
Corn Bread!!!
Mexican Food!