Monday, June 28, 2010

Foundation/Stem Wall & Genkan/Porch Steps

We apologize for not posting much lately. Things are heating up again, both in air temperature and activity around Square One. Above & Below are pictures of Noda-san working on the foundation/stem wall. Toby also helped Noda-san all day with cleaning, prep' work and etc. After finishing the first plaster, we will apply an earth/concrete mix to this area which will be a nice dark-ish brown. Noda-san will then add a final couple coats on the genkan/porch steps that will have some nice colored rocks that we believe will look/feel nice as you make your final approach to Square One.

Over the last few weeks, the weather has been heating up and we've spent a lot of time out on the 2nd floor deck. Below is a picture of the sunset behind Maiko as we finish up dinner one evening.
Last night, we had a later dinner and fireworks starting blasting in the air from the opposite direction. Neighbors started to run down the street and we found out that Hanakagura Onsen in Higashikagura was having its annual "flower festa". We had the best seats in the area as the hanabi (flower + fire = fireworks) exploded in the sky above the rice fields and trees next to the river. We knew the location of Square One was good, but it just keeps getting......better!! :)

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