Friday, June 4, 2010

Higashikawa a Transition Town??

Thank you, Nico Nico Nicole, for introducing me to the Transition Network. They have come to Japan, too, and I'm very interested to meet and talk to the people who are helping with these "transition towns". Could a "transition" movement like this start up in Higashikawa? I'm going to look into it.... Click on this link for this cool organizations "principles" in English. Follow this link for FAQ in 日本語.

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Gavin said...

Whilst I personally may not have a warm fuzzy feeling about Transition Town sometimes (I find them a bit 'hippy'-ish), I certainly agree with a lot they are standing for.

I'd seen that Fujino had become Japan's Transition town a while back (,, but there had seemed to be a real lack of progress.

However, seeing that new website has given me new hope. Excellent stuff.