Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Live From The Gulf of Mexico

Read more about the spill and how these estimates were found at this link. And if interested in seeing what law firms are going to get involved and who they are going to go after, check out this article. This whole oil spill into The Gulf of Mexico, the background of how/why it happened and the lack of action to contain or stop it has Toby very angry. Why save all the energy we've been saving with our house when environmental tragedies like this are, more or less, allowed to happen. Arghh!! :(


Norman Delaney said...

Toby thinks he is very angry, what about the millions of people who live in that area?
BP has committed an unforgivable crime against the EARTH.
Boycott BP.

b.m.t. said...

Oh, but it goes so much deeper than BP where boycotting them will not be enough!! Hopefully the crimes committed are proved and companies and people pay BIG!! And the politicians, past and/or present, who helped make this nightmare a reality also pay...