Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Recent Pictures of Square One

We took some pictures of Square One last week after our first really big rain(it was really coming down like "cats and dogs" that day) of the season. Click on any image to enlarge. クリックすると拡大できます

These last two pictures (above and below) are the sides of Square One that were on the receiving end of the wind-driven rain. With the high quantity of water and strong winds, this was the first big test of our "new" walls and they held up wonderfully. As you can see in the pictures (above and below), there was some dark shading in areas. This is because the (tosa) lime has only had a few weeks to dry. With time, 6~12 months, the plaster will become harder, stronger and whiter. Eventually it will get to the point where there will be little/no discoloration and the water will just wash down the walls. We will post pictures every few weeks so you can join us in watching the walls change color. You'll have to come visit to feel hard hard/strong it is becoming!! :)

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