Friday, June 11, 2010

The walls are "finished"!!!

After a couple weeks of great weather and a fantastic group of plasterer's, the walls are now complete. The blue tarps/sheets are still up around the house, but they will come down next week after we let the "Tosa" lime plaster dry a few more days, get the final metal flashing installed around the window sills and also complete some caulking in some areas that need it. Other than that, the walls are finished and we are already resting easier. Many thanks to everyone, especially Noda-san, the two Tosa experts up from Kyoto and the many plasterer's from Asahikawa that put in many hard days on our walls! Above: Picture of the last section of the walls being plastered and hard-troweled by the guru from Kyoto.
Below: An article that was in the Hokkaido Newspaper yesterday about our final coat of plaster.
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Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Whoo-hoo! I'm really happy for you guys. That's got to a huge relief.