Monday, July 5, 2010

A Busy (& Hot) Weekend

The weekend started with Bomber hanging out in the loft where he waited for us to watch the "Doyoubi no nyanko" ("Saturday Cat" special) TV program.
Toby then spent the rest of the morning outside in the heat helping Noda-san with the final plaster on the foundation/stem wall. As you can see above, we were able to have a different color than gray by adding some natural sand and dirt into the mix with cement.
Toby was introduced to a cycling group last week and joined them on their Sunday ride. Toby was expecting a 50km +/- ride and it ended up being a 103km morning. It was the first time Toby has ridden in a group (or with anyone else for that matter) in 3~4 years and, although tired, he really enjoyed it!! He is already looking forward to the ride next Sunday morning.
After returning from the bike ride around noon, Toby re-fueled with a nice lunch with Maiko before going outside and helping Noda-san finish up the foundation plastering. Now, all that is left are the porch steps and the cement deck on the 1st floor.
At 4:30, we went and participated in a (new) neighbor's Mochi Maki which is one part of a house blessing series where the owners of the house throw out small bags of mochi (rice cakes) to neighborhood children.....and adults, like us, who fail to believe they aren't children anymore. Some of the mochi bags have 5 yen coins in them and we scored about a dozen of these!!
After the mochi maki, Maiko & Toby went to an American's house in Asahikawa to celebrate The 4th of July with a BBQ. Good times, but we were pretty tired by this stage. The only one who wasn't tired was Bomber and so he played a little air guitar (see above picture) to entertain Toby & Maiko.


Norman Delaney said...

Bomber looks totally exhausted!
You need to get him a lighter fur coat for summer.
That thick winter fur, is too hot and heavy for this season.

b.m.t. said...

That IS is summer coat. You should see it in the winter. ;) Fortunately for him, he has a super awesome eco hybrid house to keep him cool in the hot summer months!! :) Lucky, lucky, lucky cat!!