Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Sorry. No posts recently. We've been in that transition stage we talked about before. Now, we are focusing on the area around Square One. The first step was to lay down the gravel and recycled red bricks. There are many different thoughts on whether this gravel perimeter is needed or not. We chose to do it for many reasons. One is for ease of water drainage. Two is for protection from splash of dirt up onto our beautiful walls. Thirdly, and the least important, is because it is what everyone else does here!! ;) Now, we are going to work on the flowers, garden and landscaping. Once that is all finished, I think the gravel perimeter will be barely even noticeable anyway. However, to add our special touch to this area, we picked up a bunch of recycled red bricks from Shibuya-san at Cafe Good Life. He has piles of bricks on his property and he said we could have as many as we like. Toby filled up his van last weekend with all sorts of odd shapes and sizes, made a straight line with string and laid them down around the house. We like the rustic and "home-made" touch that these recycled and odd shapes of red bricks add to the perimeter of Square One. What do you think?

Meanwhile, Bomber is hanging out inside Square One and staying cool during these hot summer days. We are trying to prepare him for his (soon-to-be) brother that is coming to live with him in 7 days but we aren't sure if he is truly comprehending this. If you'd like to get a glimpse at Jack (Bauer)who will come and create feline madness with Bomber at Square One, please check out this link.


Norman Delaney said...

Oh My Gawwwwd!!!

Jack is IRISH!

Keep him away from the Catnip.

momijitomitsukoshi said...

O-: I love Jack already!!! I had a little ginger boy called Copper - I miss him so much. Jack is just like him. I hope Bomber will love his little brother! Oh, your garden is looking good too. Can't wait to see it finished. Japanese gardens are so different and interesting.

b.m.t. said...

Ha ha.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

I like the gravel and brick. It looks good! It makes sense, too, given that anything planted there might not get much rain (depending on how far your roof edge goes out). If you do need/want to do any work on the house you also won't have to worry about stepping on plants or getting super dirty shoes.