Friday, July 2, 2010

Life is Funny!!

It is!! Let me explain... The above picture is of the South corner of Square One, as well as a bit of the SW wall, big 2nd floor window on that wall and the deck. This is the side most exposed to the weather element, WIND, that we've feared the most since building the house. You can also see the window/door that opens on that big window that has been...err...interesting for us. We didn't know what the windows were going to look like exactly when we ordered them and when this one showed up, we looked at it and said, "What?". Granted, this window was originally planned to be at least one bale height above the 2nd floor. When we decided to put this window flush with the floor, we still didn't know what the windows were going to look like. Consequently, when the window showed up, we thought we had just created a "death door" of sorts that people could just walk out and fall to their doom. We created a few safety bars on the inside of this window and we also have a screen on it during the summer that will surely prevent people from even thinking about going out that window/door. In short, when people have asked what we would do different with the house going forward, we've always mentioned this window/door.

However, now that the heat of summer has arrived, this window/door on this corner of the house is providing a great source of comfort. The wind is still coming from this direction and it flows right through this door (when open, of course) and cools down the entire 2nd floor quite quickly. And if you are lucky enough to be sitting on the big sofa in the living room, you have the cool breeze even blowing your hair back a little. It's made us laugh a bit for we've always had different thoughts when thinking about the wind coming from this direction and that particular window/door. Now, we are singing a bit of a different tune.....

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