Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BEE 2010

Bicycle For Everyone's Earth (BEE) Japan made their annual trip to the ground of Square One. However, this year's group was able to reap the reward of BEE 2009's work and stay for a night.

Actually, the plan for this year's team was to stay 2 nights at Square One and help put together a storage shed (monoki) on their "rest day" here. However, they made a wrong turn in the mountains below Shimokawa and ended up crossing a fairly big mountain pass and riding into Takinoue instead of Aibetsu. After camping in Takinoue and riding the 126km to Square One (the last 35 with Toby who met them up by Aibetsu), they arrived.

(Above) On the deck of Square One, we enjoyed organic chips and salsa before consuming large quantities of the tofu taco salad that has become a BEE regular since Toby made it for the 2000 team when he was living in Fukagawa. It was Nami's birthday, so we put candles in a watermelon (her favorite), sang happy birthday and drank large quantities of homebrew & chocolate/raspberry port before calling it an evening.

(above): Yesterday, the BEE group help level and lay down the floor of the above mentioned storage shed (monoki) before hitting the road in the afternoon. Toby rode the 45km to Fukagawa and then they carried on for another 50km while Toby doubled back.

It was great to see and support BEE again this year. We hope to continue to help and support such a great effort going forward.

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