Monday, August 2, 2010

Cats, Canoes & Camping

(above) Jack & Bomber are getting along well as you can see by them playing on the catwalks of their playground, Square One. However, Jack is still getting used to his new staff, Maiko & Toby. Baby steps.

Above & Below: Toby was invited to go on a canoe and camping trip up the the north of Hokkaido. The rain lately was too much for the rivers and so the canoe trip was cancelled. Instead, a lot of time was spent by the BBQ and beer cooler.

Above: One gentleman brought his shakuhachi or "zen flute" as some call it, for some wonderful post-BBQ entertainment.

Below: While camping, typhoon like weather came through the campground about 3:00am and caused us to break camp quickly. It was a short night of sleep so after getting back to Square One, a catnap with Bomber was high on the priority list.

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Norman Delaney said...


The dude plays the shakuhaci!

I've been playing the shakuhachi for about 3 years now, and I still can't get it to sound like I want it to sound.

A very tough nut to crack.

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