Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Garden Shed (Monoki) & Happy Cats

Just a couple quick pics for an update. Above & Below: You can see Maiko putting the finishing touches on the monoki (garden shed) that we put in the back corner of our lot. We'll be using this shed to store "stuff" and also to have the compost bins (see below) set up next to it. If you recognize the compost bins from somewhere, it's because they were used as troughs during the plaster phase of the house build last year. We thought of using them for planters, but they just didn't fit in to any of the visions of the garden/lanscape. It's looking nice next to the shed, tho.

Above & Below: A few "Happy Cat" pictures. Bomber & Toby are having some pillow talk early one morning in the above picture while Jack & Bomber are really starting to enjoy each others company in the picture below!! This picture really makes us smile and we hope it brings a smile to your face, as well.

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Federica said...

looks wonderful! i'm waiting for more photos of your storage shed as well as of the whole garden :) take care!p.s.the two cats are too sweet! :3