Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Last Day & A Great Hike

It was August 17th and a "last day" for 3 people. The last day of Hokkaido Trip II for Joan and Rich visiting from Tokyo, as well as the last day of summer vacation for Toby. Mother Nature cooperated and gave them a beautiful day to venture south to the Furano area. The day started with a 5km technical hike up to the Ashibetsudake Yamagoya (mountain hut) followed by Doxon Curry for lunch. After lunch, we parked the van in Rokugo (30 minutes from Furano Station) and Joan/Rich toured the area on mamachari's. One of the highlights of their tour, was the Jam Factory. Toby was eager to go for a long road bike ride so he jumped on his Trek and disappeared for 3 1/2 hours, riding through places as far south as Minami-Furano and Kanayama. When it was said and done, he had a good 90km ride in his belt. The day ended with an awesome BBQ (breaking in the new BBQ from Denmark) on the deck of Square One. Joan added a very nice tomato salad (fresh from neighbors) to Toby's burgers and then topped off the evening with homemade sesame ice cream. Yum! And, of course, Rich provided the barley pops (aka beer) that were well earned. Cheers! Kampai! That was an awesome "last day"!!!

Here are some pictures from the hike in the morning. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge. BTW, this hike is one of Toby's top 3 hikes. We only did the lower part of the hike, but it was still very, very enjoyable.


Joan Lambert Bailey said...

We're famous!! We made the blog! That really was such a great hike. I don't think I've ever done one quite so difficult...maybe. (I'm remembering I said the same thing about DaCaprio films, too.)

Thanks again to you and Maiko for your incredible generosity and hospitality. We enjoyed our time with you, and that you both gamely went along with our salad and ice cream experiments! Please know there's always room for all of you (all four!) wherever we are.

Traveler said...

Heh. Enjoyed your mention of "barley pop"; my grandfather always used that one. ("What beer? This is barley pop.")

Beautiful area to be in. Happy adventures – 

(fyi, followed your blog via Frugal Japan list some time ago.)