Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cats, Closet & Scopes

As you can see by the above two pictures, Bomber & Jack are getting along great. And Jack is enjoying all the little nooks and crannies of Square One, including the big circular window below.

We've also finally completed the shelving system in the master bedroom closet (see above) and Toby reached his goal of 3,250km (2,020 miles) yesterday. He is now preparing to check into the knee clinic tomorrow. He hopes that all the pre-surgery cycling will help speed up the recovery time. Fingers & paws crossed.

1 comment:

Norman Delaney said...

Good Luck with the knee surgery.
You've done everything you can do to get ready.
Jack and Bomber are getting along much too well. Is there a new love story in the air?
Watching ICHIRO every day. Not much farther to go for another 200 hit season.
10 in a row?