Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn Changes

Every year, Autumn brings changes. Changes in temperature (thank goodness), changes in daylight (getting dark too early), changes in clothing (this forced us to organize the closet finally), changes in scenery (golden rice fields get harvested) and changes in Mother Nature's dress color (the "fall colors" are truly amazing here). 2010 is no different, but it has been unique for us in our first Autumn in Square One. We sometimes remember the Autumn of last and how much of a blur it was during the house build. It's nice to take things much, much, MUCH slower this time around and truly enjoy all the changes that happen during this wonderful season. Here are a few pictures that tell stories about what we've been doing lately. Above: Maiko & Toby went to the "21st Century Forest" in HigashiAsahikawa the other week and enjoyed a wonderful picnic out at this little gazebo on this pond.
Above: Toby had his knee surgery a month ago (Sept 17th) and was back on the bike within 2 weeks. He has been riding to/from school, as well as other rides to get ready for the season that comes after Autumn. By the way, his doctor has already given him the green light to go skiing.
Above: After 2 months of getting adjusted to his new home and "staff" (dogs have owners, cats have staff), Jack has finally warmed up to us. Here he is hanging out with Maiko in the living room of Square One.
Above: A big change is about to happen tomorrow. Toby is trading his Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear in for a Subaru Legacy. The Delica gave us 2 GREAT years and was a huge help in the house build with all the materials transporting, people transporting and more. As a little farewell tribute, we took it offroad up to Asahikawa-Toge (pictured above) where we then did a short 750m hike to an amazing viewpoint.
Above: Maiko & The Taisetsu Mountains from above mentioned viewpoint.

How is your Autumn going and all the changes in/around your life?


~fer said...

That is a beautiful photo!
I love japan colors in autumn, back at my country i didn't have those.

Rooster said...

Great photos. Love the one of the bike.