Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Sunday

Last weekend, we had a friend, "Chris", visit us. We had a nice weekend of good food, good convesations, good organic wine and a wonderful Sunday filled with local nature. Here are a few pictures Chris has shared with us from our Sunday together. Above: Maiko & Toby outside Shibuya-san's "Cafe Good Life". Aptly named....
Above: Maiko & Toby walking down the path between Tenninkyou Onsen and Hagoromo Waterfall.
Above: Maiko & Toby & Hagoromo-taki.
Above: M, T & HT again. Hagoromo Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Hokkaido at 270meters and is listed in the "100 Best Waterfalls in Japan" (whatever that means). The best thing about HT for us is that it's only a 25 minute drive (or 1.5 hour bike ride) from Square One.

Above: We stopped on the way back to bag some leaves for the garden. A friend of ours shared a gardening book called "Lasagna Gardening" and we are getting all our lasagna layers together to put down before the winter snows stay for good. We probably have 3 weeks to a month to get our newspapers, horse manure (nearby "Horse Company" is giving us their crap for free), straw (Aoki-san's rice field across the street), compost, grass clippings (from neighbors), leaves (they are coming down now) and wood ash (will probably get from local furniture builder). Chris thought it was funny and took quite a few pictures of us getting these leaves from a nearby park.


bgirl said...

looks like a great sunday

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Right on! Lasagna gardening! Good work on bagging up the leaves. That's what we do, too, except I hop around at night on my bike. Can't wait to hear how it goes!