Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Seattle Legend

Today, I (Toby) was reminded of just how awesome my good friend, Gabriel Scheer, is. Renowned photographer, Chase Jarvis, is the most recent person to jump on the Gabriel bandwagon. Check out his little tribute to the soon to be (if not already) legend of Seattle.

How do I know Gabriel? A few years back, I was working for a car-sharing company called Flexcar (now known as Zipcar) and Gabriel joined our team. Gabriel became a friend right away and we ended up spending a lot of time outside of the office riding bikes, drinking beers, listening to live music and doing projects together like making beer or remodeling his floor. I've always told Gabriel that I will enthusiastically be his campaign manager if he ever chose to run for a city office. He sometimes brushed those comments off by saying that he hasn't done anything yet. Yeah, right. If you have a few moments, take a look at Seattle Greendrinks that Gabriel founded or check out his new company, Re-Vision Labs, where he is truly making a dent in this big, bad world while building a more sustainable planet one community at a time.
And, finally, I've always told Gabriel that he planted the seed for us to build Square One with straw bales. Gabriel once told me about straw bale building and loaned me a few books on the subject. They sat on our West Seattle condominium table for a few weeks until a morning I couldn't sleep and one of those books found its way into my hands. On that special morning, I brewed a pot of coffee, sat down on the sofa and dug into, "The Beauty of Straw Bale Homes", by Bill & Athena Steen. 3 cups of coffee and 120 pages later, my mind was set. Of course, I had to sell Maiko on the idea and after she participated in a straw bale workshop with me in Eastern Washington, she was 100% in, as well.

Now, Gabriel is traveling around Europe on a Marshall Fellowship learning more on how he is going to help us save our planet. We hope he is enjoying his trip and hope that their next trip abroad will be to Square One.

Props also need to be sent out to the other two members of Gabriel's team and that is Jill (below) and Willa Kai (top picture). We miss you guys!!

p.s. We are always reminded of Jill & Gabriel when we look at the big clock in Square One. J & G gave us this clock from a school that was demolished in Colorado. Thanks for sharing your "time" with us, guys!! We looking forward to sharing more soon!!!

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Jill said...

Hey buddy! What a sweet post - thanks for the shout out. What's the best time of year for us to visit Square One? I think we'll need to start making the plans. I'm sure Willa will love you - she already loves bearded men! xo