Thursday, November 4, 2010


Maiko & Toby met on Halloween 9 years ago so they are going to try to make a tradition of going to (or hosting) Halloween parties going forward. Last Saturday, we went to the local international bar, The Den, in Asahikawa for some scary good times!! As one person suggested, "Toby!! You should have worn a mask!!" Ha ha....

Toby then went on a trip with his fellow teachers on Sunday evening. When he came back on Monday and tried to unpack, Bomber sent him a message that he wants to go next time (see picture above).

And, finally, we are doing a lot of work on the yard to try to get the "Lasagna Garden" (see "Last Sunday" post below) down before the snow starts to stick. As you can see above, Jack & Bomber are supervising from inside Square One.

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