Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Calm Before The Storms?

Toby has been busy the last couple weeks with work related stuff so not much to report from Square One. The weather is changing, though, and the above is a frosty morning approach to the front door. As you can see, we have laid down sleeepers (RR Ties) with naturally colored rocks to lead you toward it. Next spring, we will then plant some green and red ground cover in-between the sleepers and on the sides of the rocks. We like the idea of color and natural materials leading you toward our natural house. :)

Above is a picture taken by Toby yesterday, November 12th. It is from Aoki's rice field (across the street) and taken with Toby's iPhone as he was getting ready to do some early morning work on the yard.

Below: Yes, Toby has been working whenever he can find a free moment (and cooperating weather) on a section of the yard that will be planted with flowers and sun-loving vegetables (possibly a "salsa garden"). In the below picture, you can see how we are working on a path that will not be straight, but take you through the garden and towards the back of the house. As the plan is in Toby & Maiko's head, it's probably hard for you to imagine what it will look like, but there will be many trees, flowering bushes, flowers, rocks (you can see some of these, eh?)and green grass. Oh...and you can see the monoki (garden shed) towards the back of the house. Unfortunately, we had to move this last week as we didn't allow for enough "green zone" on the street side of the shed. An easy mistake as we thought we only needed 1 meter of green zone there, but actually needed 2 meters. The town hall introduced us to a local builder who moved it for very cheap, tho, so all is well that ends well.

Below: One of the hardest things about the dirt/ground around Square One is the fact it is so "hard". While digging into it, we keep hitting rock after rock after rock. We started sifting them for awhile, but it was just too time consuming. We have been taking out the bigger ones and throwing them in this mini "rock garden" area. We hope to put a Japanese Maple (momiji) or two in this area, as well.

Below: Toby had to work 9 straight days that ended yesterday. Below was his reward, although he came home from work and put in an hour of garden work before opening this can of "Sapporo Classic" beer. A weekend of fun with friends, family and neighbors is here. Stay tuned for a post soon on the first house concert at Square One that we are having tonight!! We are very excited!!


Rooster said...

Sapporo Classic. GOOD.

Norman Delaney said...

The very large number of smooth rocks in your yard, and all around that area show that there was once a very large river running across this land. It must have been huge and lasted for many years.