Thursday, November 18, 2010

Square One Concert

Last Saturday, November 13th, we hosted our first (of many to come) house concerts at Square One. Toby & Maiko's friends, Jared Boasen & Satomi, came down fron Nakatonbetsu-cho (the real deep & north "inaka" of Hokkaido) for Toby's birthday weekend. Jared played a 45 minute set of songs that included 3 Tom Petty songs and a handful of Japanese songs. We had 18 people present for this first concert and it was the perfect number and mix. Everyone seemed to have a great time with the only negative being the amount of pumpkin pie that was leftover. However, why Toby ordered 3 pies is a question we will never know the answer to. Since we had a homemade cheesecake (Taro Imaisan's wife) and homemade apple pie (Jared again - Yes, he can play the guitar, sing AND cook. Sorry, ladies, he's taken), we had plenty of dessert for everyone and about an army more.

Below is a video/audio clip of a song Jared rocked at Square One last weekend. We apologize in advance for the mediocre quality of the video. The audio still sounds pretty good and you can get a good idea of what the atmosphere was like. By the way, the acoustics in our straw bale home were just as we expected...VERY, VERY nice!! With just one word, we'll describe the whole concert as, "AWESOME". Please come and join us for another one in the future. We look forward to it!!

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Norman Delaney said...

Awesome groove dude!
I checked out Jared's website and listened to all of the good songs there.
Good Vibes in Hokkaido!
The photos of the Esahi gig were especially interesting.
Next is, Maiko on Piano?
Jack and Bomber on Scratch?
Toby on Skies!