Sunday, December 19, 2010

ALL Good!!

Bomber turned a BIG corner yesterday and is doing much, much better!! We had a check-up with the vet and while he had lost a lot of weight, everything else seemed to be okay. The doc' said he could take the bandage off and roam freely. He received a shot of medicine (most vitamins and nutrients because of his weight loss and lack of eating) and we went home. Upon returning to Square One, Bomber has become a happy cat again and is eating, playing and full of energy again. Yeah!! Welcome Back, Bomber!!!

Today, Toby made his first visit to his local playground that many know as Asahidake. There was 30cm (1 foot) of fresh snow in the parking lot and over 40cm at the top of the mountain. The below picture was taken on Toby's 7th and last run of untracked white goodness. is ALL good right now!!