Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Sick Baby

We apologize for the long gap in posts. We've been busy and we've been sick. However, Bomber has gotten the worst of it.

Shortly after that last post, Bomber started to vomit way to frequently and often right after eating. Over the last 7~10 days, we've spent a lot time at local animal hospitals and online with many different cat groups to discuss the health issues he was having. In the end, he needed surgery to remove a long, 3~4 inch hairball from his duodenom (the tube that connects his stomach to his intestines). This hairball was laying in just a way over the edge of the duodenom and stomach that it couldn't flow smoothly down the digestive tract. It then prevented insulin from supplementing the digestive system and he became pancreatic. The above picture was taken shortly after surgery on Thursday evening. The below four pictures were taken a few hours ago when we went to visit him. It's obvious he loves us for he just perks right up when we show up to visit.
Bomber will stay in the animal hospital for at least 3~4 more days. We are awaiting results back from the lab on how bad of shape his pancreas is in. Assuming we get a good lab result and Bomber begins to eat normally (he is being tube fed right now), he should be able to come home to Square One sometime in the latter part of next week. Fingers crossed.

We are visiting Bomber everyday and we are studying up on how to change his (and Jack's) diet going forward. Please keep Bomber in your thoughs and send some good feline love his way. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.


Federica said...

aww, he must be surely feeling your love.. poor Bomber.. hope he gets well soon..

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Our thoughts are with you all, that's without a doubt. Give Bomber (and Jack, who must be missing him) a snuggle for us, and we look forward to hearing more news as you've got it. Take care.