Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Friends, Great Food & Powder Snow

It's been another busy few weeks with many friends visiting and helping us enjoy the beauty of Hokkaido. Above is a picture of Toby's friends, Jason & Tom, coming out from a backcountry ski near Niseko. Below is another picture near Niseko of EzoFuji (aka Yotei-zan or "The Fuji of Hokkaido").

When we've seen the sun, we've had some beautiful moments. Above is taken by Toby & Maiko on the way to work one morning. Below is taken by Toby while skiing down Asahidake a week ago at sunset.

And then we went on a road trip..... Hakkoda in Aomori. Amazing powder and good friends. FUN!!!

Delish food is being consumed every day....

....and Toby is showing his face at work from time to time.

And Jack is just hanging out on the heated floor of Square One. All is good with everyone around here. How are things with you? Next update will be sooner (or later) than last time. It all depends on what Mother Nature delivers....

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