Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tsunami Aftermath

Toby is in Tohoku volunteering for JEARS. On his second day, he went to Fukushima to pick up a dog & cat that were affected by the earthquake and needed to find new homes. After picking them up and visiting the local health center, where he confirmed some information on policy for animals sheltered in emergencies, he headed to the coast. With a few hours of daylight left, they arrived to nothing but death & destruction. He'll share more details and a video when he returns, but here is a picture that sums up what he saw.

Unfortunately, they didn't find any animals at the coast, but they were able to assist many pets who had evacuated to temporary shelters with their owners and were short on food.

Being down there is hard emotionally, as there is just so much to take in, but Toby feels he is contributing a lot to the cause he's there to support.

More to come soon.

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