Tuesday, April 19, 2011

12 Days in Tohoku - Part Two

Taking a step back:

On Friday, March 11: Toby, and most of the rest of the world, watched in shock as entire communities were uprooted by the unprecedented tsunami's. With the large TV at work being right near Toby's desk, he felt the same as he felt back on the 11th morning of September a decade ago. While the feelings from that tragic day in 2001 changed as knowledge of who/what was the cause, the "live" feelings of so much death happening before his eyes was very similar.

On Saturday, March 12
: Toby & Maiko stocked up on food (human and cat), discussed the possibilites of how they could potentially be affected, updated their own disaster kits and stayed calm as they watched, read and learned about all the destruction in Tohoku.

On Sunday, March 13: Toby joined JEARS as a volunteer and began what would become a very busy 3 weeks (1 week being constantly on the computer and 2 weeks being constantly behind the wheel).

On Sunday, March 20th: Toby got on the ferry mentioned in this blog post on the same day.

NOTE: one thing that Toby did NOT do after March 11th is take the time to get a much needed haircut and/or shave. Hence the clearly mountain man look in the picture below with fellow rescue volunteer, Ron Presley from Kinship Circle (KC), and Susan Roberts from Japan Cat Network (JCN).

Stay tuned for "12 Days in Tohoku - Part 3" to come in the next day or two. Toby is going to tell you about an amazing woman in Minami-Soma who reminds him so much of his mom by the way she reacted in this tragedy.

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