Friday, April 15, 2011


Fonzie (aka The Fonz or Fonzarelli) was adopted from Isabella's shelther in Niigata (Animal Friends Niigata)in order to make room for more rescue cats (and dogs....and birds, chickens, cows, etc) that JEARSwas bringing in from the disaster zones.

The Fonz is a Maine Coon and while "Happy Days" are here now, his past isn't so great. He was originally part of 27 abandoned Maine Coons that a breeder basically left to die. An animal shelter saved them and then Isabella took in 12 to try to find them new, loving homes. When Toby visited a room at Animal Friends Niigata (AFN), where many cats were roaming around, Fonzarelli came over and basically requested Toby take him home. Isabella later asked Toby which cat he chose and he answered that he didn't choose. The Fonz chose him.
When we first introduced The Fonz to the other cats, Bomber wouldn't look (see above) and avoided all contact (with everybody) for a day. Jack kept his distance and kept trying to find ways to get outside (see below) and away from this large cat that makes him number 3 in size.

However, after about 10 days of getting to know each other, everyone seems to be getting along now (see below). Fonzie is about 3 1/2 years old and is; therefore, right in-between Bomber and Jack in age. He's a real people person and loves to hug. He has some stomach issues lingering from his past and we are working with the best method to feed all three. However, life is good at Square One where felines now out number humans by a 3:2 margin. Are we officially cat crazy people now?


Carry said...

When there are more cats than people, you definitely become crazy cat people ;-)

Norman Delaney said...

The Fonz!
Glad to hear everybody is getting along.
Oh, Happy Days!

Michelle said...

Ah, but you were really "crazy cat people" even when you only had one...Lucy.
I remember her with fondness from my cat sitting days...and then later the terror she became when Bomber came along.
Some of my best friends are crazy cat people.
Hello from Michelle and Lili at Graham Terrace.