Sunday, May 8, 2011

Golden Week 3~1~3~1~2 Dance

This year, Golden Week was spaced in a way that we had 3 days off, 1 day of work, 3 days off again, another day of work and then ended with a normal weekend. Today, May 8th, is the last day of that 3~1~3~1~2 dance so we'll give a quick re-cap with a couple pictures and then give some more detailed information about a few places we visited later on in the upcoming week.
First of all, we spent the first 3 days working on the yard, garden and areas around Square One. We worked very hard in anticipation of spending the latter part of GW (Golden Week) relaxing. We had some ambitious goals for those 3 days, but accomplished all of them and then some. Above is a picture of the big stones we finally got placed where we wanted them to be. More pictures to come.
(Above) In the evenings, we hung out with Bomber, Jack (pictured above) and Fonzie. The Fonz has some digestive system issues and we are getting them checked out. Until we know exactly what's going on and his bowel movements get a little more solid, he is living separately in the senmen/utility room. We visit him many times during the day.
When GW Part II (the second 3 day dance step) hit, we hopped in the car and headed north. The first destination was Shimokawa where we easily spent 2 hours hanging out at カフェ モレーナ (above) before continuing on to Nakatonbetsu to spend a wonderful afternoon, evening and morning with our good friends, Jared & Satomi (below).

After leaving Nakaton', we drove south along the NE coast to Lake Saroma and spent a very enjoyable afternoon and evening at an onsen (hot spring) resort hotel right on the lake (above picture is from our hotel room). The next morning, we went for an long walk around the area and visited 1,000 year old Ainu, native Hokkaidoites, ruins (see below).
Our last stop before returning to Square One was Cafe Suiba in Koshimizu-cho. This cafe has been on our radar for two years as Hiro (Asano-san) & Aya took skills they learned at our straw bale workshop and helped "Nepal" and Maru build an extension to their amazing cafe. More to come in a future post about this cool & funky place (one picture below for a teaser).
And as for these last two days, we spent it mostly relaxing with a few small projects around the house. Today being Mother's Day, Maiko and the kids did some hanging out (see below).

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