Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On Toby's Mind

On June 19th, Toby is participating in the first (annual?) Sea to Summit at Asahidake. See this link as well as the above/below pictures/graphs.

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Honma-san, our neighbor, is loaning us his kayak (that is from Seattle by the way) for the first section. Toby has been riding his bicycle like a crazy man with 4 climbs of Asahidake already under his belt, as well as many other high climbs in his 1,200km's ridden this cycling season so far. As for climbing/hiking, Toby did a bit of backcountry skiing this winter and will increase the amount of hiking over the next few weeks/months, especially as he prepares for....

....Mt. Rainier (above).

Toby and his dad will be starting the climb of the 4,392 meter (14,411 feet) Mt. Rainier on July 24th from Paradise which is at an elevation of 1,600 meters or 5,400 feet. Toby is picking up his training for Mt. Rainier, too, with stair climbs such as the one pictured below on Tohma-yama.

As for the cats, they are still just relaxing and taking advantage of more daylight by sleeping more near the big windows. Below, they are protecting their new (to us anyway) chair and ottoman that we purchased recently. We believe they use this furniture more than we do....

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