Monday, July 4, 2011

Much About Undo Lately

Undo = Exercise in Japanese so when I (Toby) say it's been, "Much About Undo Lately", I'm not kidding. That and getting ready for the trip to America which is T minus 10 days for me now. Yikes!! Anyway, this is just a quick update as I realized I hadn't posted anything recently.

Above is a picture of me at the top of Asahidake after completing the first annual Sea to Summit in 2:40:54 (see this link for all the final times). It was the top "single" time and the second best time overall. I look forward to more people participating next year and defending the title. I KNOW I'll have to do much better if I want to keep it.

The above is my good friend and neighbor, Taro, right before we began our "Safety Rider" volunteering of the Furano Earth Ride 2011. Taro rode with a faster group that ended up doing 115 kilometers while Nicole Matsuyama, myself and a few others rode at a different pace over the course of 85km.
Taro then took the above picture of our BBQ at Square One after finishing the ride. Family joined us, too, while we enjoyed a quiet evening before fireworks from Hanakagura Onsen (4km away that we could see clearly from our deck).

This past weekend was spent either on Tokachi-dake where I took Maiko for some hiking, in the garden planting one of the six trees we received from Higashikawa town OR at the town sports day for adults and children alike. The above and below pictures were from the latter. The above picture was of the 30kilo (70 pounds) rice carry relay. I ended up carrying this bundle of rice 75 meters. The below was of the finale tug of war. The adults took the whole day very seriously, BUT also consumption of draft beer starting at 9am (wow!!). Anyway, it was a GREAT community bonding experience and I'm already looking forward to next year.

We hope this finds you all well and enjoying the summer wherever you are. We will try to post some more frequent updates, especially after our super fun (& busy) trip to America in a few weeks. the way, Happy Birthday USA! I just rememebered it's July 4th!! ;)

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Norman Delaney said...

Looks like you will be in good shape, when TSA tries to grope your private parts at SEATAC. Try to keep your cool and not punch any of those TSA goons. Best of Luck.