Saturday, August 27, 2011

Miles & Miles of Fun

After coming out of the mountains with the brother's, I (Toby here again) headed to my hometown of Federal Way for 2 days of catching up with childhood and high school friends. My host for the weekend was childhood neighbor and great friend, Miles Harris, who just so happened to move back into the old 'hood recently. On Friday night, no pictures were taken (possibly the only event of the trip where pictures weren't taken) as friends from the old neighborhood gathered for some drinks and laughter around a bonfire in Mile's backyard. It was an amazing evening and very fun for to catch up with old friends.
On Saturday, after watching a few innings of my nephew's, Ben Weymiller (link is from 5 years ago when Ben literally "rocked" the world of fundraising), baseball game up at Decatur High School (a baseball field that my Dad, myself and many other helping hands help build back in the late 80's), Miles & I hopped in his boat and headed over to Tide's Tavern for lunch. Above is a picture of Miles, myself and Mt. Rainier in the background. Below is a picture of the amazing Tide's Tavern in Gig Harbor where you can just moor a boat on their docks before going in (or not - you can order from and eat in the comfort of your own boat if you desire). A really cool treat and fun trip on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Above: Another special surprise was fellow Decatur graduate and wrestler, Joel Young, pulling up to the docks with his family for lunch at The Tide's, as well. Joel came over, enjoyed a brew with us and stayed just long enough for the flirty waitress to take our picture together.
Below: On the way back to Federal Way, Miles and I did a toast to The Mountain as I was getting a little nervous about The Climb that was to start in no less than two days (we actually drove up to Paradise, the base of the climb, the day after this picture was taken).

After an interesting (and entertaining) trailering of Mile's boat (as Miles said, "It was Rookie Hour out there!" with all the other people trying to get their boats in/out of the water - Miles, of course, was as smooth and fast as anyone I've ever seen), we washed the boat and then headed into Tacoma to hook up with a bunch of friends from the Decatur Daze.

The above picture, as well as the two below were taken by another great friend from high school, Leonard Riley. Thanks for bringing out all the big guns (not the ones above your elbow) to take pictures with. You captured the event well in your Facebook album. Thank you VERY much!!
It was a fantastic finish to a great day. Many thanks to Miles, Parkway Tavern and all the other friends who joined us that evening. It was a great evening filled with a ton of laughter and good times!!
Oh wait....the funniest part of the evening came when Sean Nadeau, another long time friend from youth soccer and school, brought me out a mug of beer that was in the shape of a woman's breast....complete with nipple to drink out of. Well, to thank my host for such an amazing two days, I thought it was only appropriate that I share my nipple with him. Thanks, Miles!! That was a very, very fun couple days. Oh....and the breakfast the morning after was awesome, as well. Kudos to the cook!!! See you next time!!

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jen said...

You crack me up!!! Looks like a really fun time- sorry to have missed it!