Monday, August 22, 2011

USA Summer 2011

Maiko & Toby visited The U.S. of A. this summer. Toby took about 5 weeks vacation and Maiko was able to go over for 2 weeks. Here are a few pictures taken from Toby's iPhone. Many, many, MANY more pictures will be coming in the upcoming days.

Above: We were very lucky to have the car, a 1966 Ford Mustang convertible, that Toby's mom used to drive while we were there. This is a picture of Toby driving some friends around near Seattle a few weeks back.

Below: Toby and Toby's dad climbed Mt. Rainier in late July. Bad weather prevented them from starting when they wanted, but they were still able to get above 12,300 feet (3,750 meters). Here is a panorama picture from their campsite at 10,000 feet (click to enlarge)

Above: After descending from Mt. Rainier, Maiko & Toby joined relatives (Dad, Allen, Nancy) and friends (Ronna, Greg, Melanie & Michael) at Pyramid Beer Garden before attending a Mariner's game across the street at Safeco Field (where Maiko & Toby met 10 years ago on October 31st this year).

Below: The day after attending the M's game (mentioned above), Maiko & Toby hit the road and drove The 'Stang down the beautiful and historic Highway 101 to Southern California where they visited friends, relatives and very big trees along the way. Stay tuned for many more pictures from this amazing road trip.

Above: Maiko & Toby spent a day in San Francisco and, of course, had to go for a ride on the trolly. We had beautiful weather the entire time we were in California which was actually quite unusual for this time of year in San Francisco.

Below: After doing a U-Turn in San Diego where we visited more friends and family, we headed up to Yosemite National Park. Here, Maiko is taking in the unbelievable view from the rim of the park.

Above & Below: While we saw and visited many beautiful places, the highlights for us were the times spent with friends and family. Above is a picture of Maiko and Alex Bay at a pizza/beer place in San Clemente, California. Below is a picture of Toby and his 3 Bro's at Rimrock Lake in Washington.

Again, Toby has hundreds more pictures on his camera that he'll be sharing with you all very soon. Until then, we hope you all are having a wonderful summer season, as well.

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Norman Delaney said...

5 weeks vacation?!?!?
I only had 3 weeks!
Highway 101 is an awesome drive!
Love the white 'Stang!
BTW I wrote a new piano song during summer.
Click on my name for the link to take a listen.
It's called "Fountain of LIFE."