Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting a Seattle Fix in One Day

We'll come back to The (epic) Rainier climb later. And, yes, we have our reasons. ;) (wink)

On July 29th, the day after Toby & Toby's Dad descended Mt. Rainier, we spent a day in Seattle getting our "fix" (note: Maiko arrived on July 27th, slept 17 hours to recover and then met up with Toby and his family on the 28th). We did some shopping, some sightseeing in West Seattle (the old stomping grounds), had lunch at Lee's, our favorite restaurant over there, went to Pyramid for a pre-game gathering with friends and family and then watched a Mariner's game. Need images to go with this? See below.

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Norman Delaney said...

Yeah, I remember Lee's and Pyramid and,,,,,

I'm gonna have to STOP reading your blog.


don't stop writing it.