Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Amazing Visit in Los Gatos, California

Now....back to our Summer Vacation Road Trip!!

After our short visit in San Francisco & Palo Alto with The William's, we drove about an hour south to Los Gatos, California.
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This time, we were to stay with cousins, Tiffany & Sean (pictured below).

After spening a few hours on the deck catching up over beers and champagne, Sean cooked us a fabulous dinner (above) and then we moved to the living room area for dessert (below).

Tiff and Sean just recently moved into this incredible house way up in the hills of Los Gatos. They claim they were just "lucky" with the timing of everything as they were able to lowball the bank on this house that was being forclosed upon (bad financial times in The USA). Both Tiff and Sean have good/stable employment so it looks like they will be able to enjoy these diggs for a very, very long time. Almost every room of this house has an amazing view. Below is Maiko's favorite as it's the master bathroom. What a view to have a soak to, eh?

On August 3rd, we awoke on our 9th wedding anniversary to amazing sunrise above the clouds. The below picture was taken from the pillows of one of Tiff & Sean's guest rooms. What an unbelievable way to start our 10th year together. Wow....

After enjoying the above sunrise and having a nice breakfast with Tiff & Sean, we hit the road and continued south down the 101 towards Los Angeles. In our next post, we'll share some pic's from our next visit with good friends and a brother in Orange County.

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