Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cats, Cousins, Cats, Dog & Cats....

It was a long and hot day of driving from San Diego through The Mojave Desert (see previous post). However, when we finally pulled up to cousin Dan & Holly's beautiful mountain home in Oakhurst, we were greeted by the first cat, Max, who seemed to know exactly what we had been through (below, lower left of picture).

We had a great evening & morning of hanging with Dan, Holly and 2nd cousin Taylor. Above is a picture of Maiko chilling on the deck with two more of their 5 cats (Maiko was in heaven). Lloyd (on railing in above picture and also in below picture) was the smartest of the bunch and impressed us with his water drinking skills. He would dip his paw into the glass, get it wet and then lick the water off his paw. Genius!!!

Dan & Holly's house is a beautiful house in a very quite and serene place in the mountains near Yosemite National Park. Above is a picture from the back and below is a picture down the path towards the pool from the same location as the above picture. Yes, that is yet another cat of theirs that is a little more shy than the others. By the way, we enjoyed watching the stars from the chairs down at the pool the night before. It was really cool as Dan showed us how the iPad app' for stargazing worked. Good times and great memories!!

It was another super quick visit, but we treasured it and look forward to doing it again someday. Before hitting the road and going to check out Yosemite, we took a group photo where Max joined us again to say farewell. He's either waving bye-bye with his paw or trying to do the peace sign. We can't tell and he didn't tell us. ;)

Next up: The AMAZING Yosemite National Park!!!

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Norman Delaney said...

I see you have left Seattle behind.
A house full of cats!
My sister would love to visit their place too.
I wouldn't mind either.
Meanwhile back in Hokkaido,,,,,,