Monday, October 17, 2011

San Diego Family Visiting Part I

I realized I have too many pictures to share from our brief stay in San Diego so I'm breaking them up into two posts. Here's Part I.

Above: After staying over at Alex & Miki's in Irvine (see previous post), we backtracked briefly up to Orange to visit Toby's brother, Tommy, who was killed in a car/bicycle accident (Tommy was on a bicycle) in 1968 at the very young age of 4 1/2. This was 16 months before Toby was born and while all of Toby's brothers witnessed this trajic accident, Toby thinks of Tommy often when he rides his bike. Toby lost a good friend, Grace, a few years back in a bicycle accident, as well. On a side note, Toby has ridden in "The Ride of Silence" a few times in honor of Tommy & Grace and looks forward to doing more in the future.

After visiting Tommy, we headed to Aunt Jeanne's (above with Maiko & Toby) place in Chula Vista (just south of San Diego) to meet some family members before going out to brunch with the whole gang (below).

From left to right: Maiko, Toby, Aunt Inez, Cousin Tap, Aunt Jeanne, Cousin Linda, Kristin and 2nd Cousin Timmy.

After a great brunch, we headed back to Aunt Jeanne's and talked for a couple hours. It was great to just sit around Aunt Jeanne's big round table and talk about everything. We took a few more pictures (above and below) before leaving and the one below is extra special for Kristin will soon be joining the family officially as Timmy just proposed to her on the top of Mt. Kilamanjaro, the highest mountain on the African Contenent, a few weeks ago. Maiko and Toby are secretly (err...not so secret now that we posted it here. ha ha) hoping they get married in Hawaii as we might be able to get there for it! ;)

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