Thursday, October 20, 2011

San Diego Part II

After a great visit with The Gorman's and Aunt Inez, we headed up to "Aunt Carolyn's" place. Carolyn is/was Toby's mom's best friend growing and became close to Toby when he went to school at San Diego State University from 1988~1990. Aunt C' and Uncle Bill were lifelines for Toby, especially those first few months as the 18 year old boy was getting used to living away from home for the first time in his life.

Above: A picture of Aunt Carolyn (middle with glasses) and her "California Chick" friends (Judy & Sharon on the left, Helen on the right) who were also really good friend's of Toby's mom in high school or college. This picture was taken just outside a great mexican place in Old Towne San Diego where we went to dinner on August 4th.

Below: After dinner, we strolled through Old Towne and picked up a few omiyage (souviniers) for back home. I had taught Maiko the meaning of, "mi casa es su casa" ("my home is your home") before, but she LOVED the, "mi casa es no su casa" one and almost forced me to buy it. ;) Can you figure out the meaning of that one?

After a great evening with Carolyn and mom's friends, we got some sleep and then got up early for a stroll on the boulevard down at Mission Beach (above and below). We had the same peeps from the night before, as well as a few other hip ladies join us. It was great exercise and beautiful down there early in the morning.

Then....the craziest thing happened. Coming the other way down the boulevard was Toby's football coach from Linfield College in Oregon. Toby couldn't believe his eyes as he said, "Coach Langesdorf?!?" and he responded, "Toby Weymiller?!?!". We took a picture (below) to remember this crazy small world moment. By the way, he was in San Diego helping with the San Diego Charger's pro football team, but was leaving that day for Oregon. Wow...

After finishing the nice walk, we stopped at a nice little cafe for breakfast on the beach!! It was a fantastic finish to our stay in San Diego. Oh, after breakfast, we walked out on the pier and while watching the early morning surfers do there thing, we saw 2 dolphins cruise south. They were going to fast for us to get a picture, but they left a impression in our brains and we picked up a dolphin magnet from the gift shop to put on our fridge to remember the moment by. That was crazy, too, for we were just talking about how cool it would be if we saw dolphins!! Thanks for providing the great memories, Aunt Carolyn & San Diego!!

Next up: Heading back north where we visit The Roger's and Yosemite National Park!

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