Friday, October 14, 2011


After an AMAZING couple days in Northern California and The Bay Area, we hit the road again on August 3rd (Maiko & Toby's 9th year wedding anniversary) and rolled down 101 towards our next destination.

After some early morning fog, the skies cleared and we enjoyed a nice drive before filling our bellies on some In & Out Burger (a must do in Southern California) for lunch.

After lunch, we continued down the coast and were welcomed to the Los Angeles area with 100F (38C) degree weather and horrible traffic (see below).

The light at the end of the massive congestion in Los Angeles was the beers with our good friends, Alex & Miki (see two pictures below).

Above: Toby & Miki Bay
Below: Maiko & Dr. Alex Bay

After polishing off our first beer, the pizza's arrived at the pizza join in San Clemente and we enjoyed some good pies, good beers, a nice sunset and a wonderful time catching up with good friends.

Alex & Toby (below) go way back to Hachinohe, Japan. These two dudes worked together there and have many fond memories (& crazy stories) from those 15 months. They have gone in different directions, but always have Japan as common ground. Toby attended Alex's wedding in 1996 (1997?) and, as a tribute to their friendship, wore a goatee for the occasion. Toby liked the look and has had the goatee every since. Alex (& Miki) also attended Maiko & Toby's wedding on Orcas Island (Washington State) in 2002 and was a HUGE help in translating for Maiko's family during the ceremony.

Good friends with good beer!! It was a great reunion in Southern California!!

Next up: San Diego (the U-turn point of the road trip), catching up with relatives, a great early morning walk, a surprise encounter and much more.

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