Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stanford & San Fran' - Summer Vacation Recap Continued

On August 1st, after cruising The Redwoods of Northern California, we flew down 101 through beautiful wine country and then crossed The Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. However, we were late for dinner at The William's (our adopted cousins - Kelly is the daughter of Toby's "Aunt Carolyn" who is his mom's best friend) so we kept going south to Palo Alto and Stanford University's campus.
Above: Maiko, Kelly and Ken on the deck of their beautiful home on Stanford's campus. Ken is the head groundskeeper for Stanford's golf course and their house is right next to the school's equestrian team's horse stables. A very cool location and the house was over 100 years old. Kelly and Ken's children, Matt and Michelle, were also home so it was a wonderful couple days of catching up.
The next day, we did a walking tour with Kelly of Stanford's beautiful campus (see above picture and two pictures below).

We also headed into San Francisco for a quick and beautiful tour of many of the highlights. As we came down the hill into San Francisco, we could see Alcatraz in the bay (below).

After arriving into the center of San Francisco, we made sure Maiko experienced Lombard Street properly. Maiko and Kelly are in the red Toyota Prius in the picture below. Toby had jumped out of the car at the top and ran down the stairs on the left side of the picture to snap this. After jumping back in the car at the bottom, Kelly said, "Let's do it again so you can experience it, Toby."
Too fun!!

After Lombard Street, we parked the car and did another walking tour of San Francisco that included Fisherman's Wharf, Ghiradelli Square (picture above) and a trolley ride. Before riding the trolley; however, we made sure we read all the "Safety Tips" first (see picture below).

San Francisco & Stanford were amazing and we were so blessed with beautiful weather during our short visit there. Many, many thanks to our wonderful guide, Kelly, and gracious hosts, Kelly, Ken, Matt & Michelle, for letting us intrude into their lives. These two days were a big highlight of our trip home!!

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