Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Reunion

After departing Lodi on August 7th, Maiko and Toby drove the long stretch (510 miles / 820 kilometers)on Interstate 5 to Eugene, Oregon. We were on the tail end of our road trip now and this was a day to cover some ground as we try to get back to Seattle in 2 days.

Why did we choose Eugene as our destination? Because Toby and Maiko have some good friends there named Bill, Casey, Kiley and Natalie. Bill and Toby were fraternity brothers and even roommates for one semester when he finished up his school days at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon.

Bill didn't disappoint as he had a gorgeous dinner ready for us with some more Rogue beer to wash it down with afterwards! It was a wonderful evening spent outside in the backyard with their family and beautiful black lab, Henry Pistachio. Many thanks to The McCurry's for a wonderful last evening of our epic road trip! The next stop was back in Seattle.

Above is a picture of Toby and Bill outside their house as we got ready to drive the last segment from Eugene to Seattle. Below is Kiley and Natalie trying to take the car before we could get out the driveway. What's up with kids always trying to steal our car. ;) (wink)


Norman Delaney said...

Is that flag hanging from his house for the University of Oregon? I thought the school colors were green and yellow, not black and yellow.

b.m.t. said...

I think the "O" only appears black, but is really a very dark green.