Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween & Celebrating 10 Years!

It's been a busy couple weeks with both Toby and Maiko's work. However, they both took a break on Halloween to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of meeting (October 31, 2001 @ Safeco Field in Seattle, WA) with a costume party in ASahikawa! Above is a picture of both Olive Oil (Maiko) and Popeye (Toby) before they won a prize for best dressed. ;) That made Toby feel better as he shaved his goatee (beard) for the party. Fortunately, it's already growing back and should be full just in time for the upcoming winter!

Okay....the next post will take us back to our summer vacation as we still have a couple weeks left of stories and pictures to share with you.


Wimpy said...

I will gladly pay you on Tuesday, for a hamburger today!

ichiro said...

Looks like real Olive and Popeye !