Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January was GOOD!!

It's now the last day of January, 2012. Where did all the days go? Oh yeah, Toby probably spent 20 of the 31 days in the mountains. He could share MANY pictures, but chose these 5....for now.
The above was taken on the way from Ukishima to the top of Teshio-dake on January 21st. The skier in the picture is Toby's friend, Tim, and the two of them climbed to the top of Asahidake a few weeks earlier on another beautiful day.

Below is another picture of Tim nearing the summit of Mt. Teshio. It took us 5 hours to climb as we took a longer, scenic route to the top. We reached the top just before sunrise so we had some spectacular views all day long.

While Toby did visit many other mountains and ski areas in January, most of his time was spent on the local beauty known as Asahidake. See pictures below from this last Saturday....

The above was taken during a run. Toby goes to Asahidake, and other mountains, these days for 3 reasons. One is for the amazing skiing. Another is for the exercise he gets from climbing and all the effort it takes to get back to the tram after a run down the powder snow. The last reason is for the amazing beauty of being in the outdoors. Asahidake rarely disappoints on ALL THREE of the above. The above picture is an example of the latter. The below is an example of the good skiing.

We hope you all had a GREAT January, as well. Toby, pictured below looking out over the valley from near the top of Asahidake, is looking forward to another mountain filled February. It's his season and; therefore, there isn't much free time for much of anything else. That's okay, though, for similar to gasoline for the car, the mountains are what fuel Toby. Bring on February!! Full speed ahead!!

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kagawa said...

Beautiful pictures!
No wonder Toby is crazy about
the mountains.