Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping into another nice article

Happy Leap Day everyone! This day happens every 4 years and gives us an extra day of the fabulous month of February. This winter has been especially good so it is feeling like we received a leap month of snow. When we built Square One, we allocated 1 meter of concrete foundation as a stem wall to protect our earth plastered walls from snow stacking up against them. As of today, February 29th, we are getting dangerously close to that 1 meter mark and may have to start shoveling snow away from the walls. In the first two winters after building Square One, we never came close to the 1 meter mark. Remember, we are only at 250 meters of elevation and are in somewhat of a precipitation shadow near the airport (i.e. our little area here usually gets less snow than other neighboring towns and, of course, the mountains that get A TON more snow that here). Anyway, Happy Leap Day and we hope you are having a fabulous winter. In March, it will surely start to get warmer and the snow will slow down. Maiko will appreciate this and Toby is actually looking forward to doing more spring skiing where he doesn't have to worry as much about avalanche danger. Right now, the snow is fairly unstable in the mountains and he must take a lot of precautions when skiing.

(above picture was taken a few weeks ago from our bedroom window at sunrise)

The main reason of today's post is to share with you another nice article that was published online about Square One. It is apparently only in English, but I have requested it get published in Japanese so I can share it with my many Japanese friends who helped with the project. Without further ado, here is the link to that article. Enjoy.


Kgw, their neighbor said...

Yes!! Toby and Maiko's house is amazing - beautiful, comforatble,cozy.
And their idea of creating their own elecricity is marvelous !

b.m.t. said...

Thank you, Joe! You are too kind and we are so lucky to have you as a neighbor!!