Thursday, March 8, 2012

English Night at Square One

We have been hosting English Night here at Square One for almost a year now. Before that, Toby started English Night with Daiji Takaya, owner of Brown Cafe and Bar in Tohma, about 3 years ago. (above picture taken by "Joe" Kagawa-san at the latest English Night on February 29, 2012).

Kagawa-san, a neighbor and passionate user of English, has been coming to English Night for at least 2 years now and he recently did an English blog post of his own on the topic. Click here to view the blog that "Joe" does everyday in ENGLISH!! His haiku poems and pictures are worth the daily trip alone.

If you ever in the area around the last Wednesday of a month, please feel free to join us for English Night! We'd love to have you join us. However, this month's English Night will be March 21st because Maiko and Toby will be heading to Tokyo to cheer on their Seattle Mariner's as they open up the MLB season in The Big Egg (Tokyo Dome) on the 28th and 29th. Go M's!!

1 comment:

Kagawa said...

Thank you so much, Toby.
I'm very glad you referred to me and my blog.
English Night inspires us Japanese to use and improve conversational English.