Monday, March 19, 2012

Graduation, Green Beers & 2 Mountains

On Friday, Toby joined the elementary school graduation where he currently works. He poses above with 5 of his students, Sota, Kota, Shoma, Takumi and Ryota. Sota wants to be the next Ichiro. Kota and Ryota desire to master English and then ride around the world on bicycles. Shoma wants to help Japan by joining the Self Defense forces. Takumi wishes to take over his father's farm and supply delicious rice and vegetables to people near and far. Takumi and Shoma are already great skiers and Kota is slowly mastering his tele ski skills. All three of those kids will be skiing with Toby the future for sure. Maybe Toby can join Kota and Ryota on their world cycling trip, too. It sounds like a great trip!

Saturday, March 17th, was St. Patrick's Day, a widely celebrated Irish Holiday and we made the most of it. Tim and Toby went to Tengudake, near Shirataki and (retired) Kitataisetsu Ski Area, where they climbed and skied (above picture) before enjoying a nice onsen (hot springs) afterwards with their friend, Sean. Then, Maiko joined the Canadian and 2 Americans for pizza and GREEN beer at Square One. Below is a picture of the beer after green food coloring was added to celebrate the Irish holiday with style!

On Sunday, Tim and Toby headed up to the mountains again to climb and ski with their Japanese friends, Ogawa-san, Nabe-san, Okamoto-san, Takeda-san and Namby-kun. Below is a picture Okamoto-san took of Toby before climbing (and skiing) Asahidake. It was a beautiful day when they started the climb, but the clouds rolled in when they arrived at the summit and it was very difficult to ski down when they couldn't see 2 meters in front of them. Toby also broke his ski pole (you can see his broken pole on his pack below) and so he climbed and skied the mountain with just one pole. Not a super difficult challenge, but it did make the day a little interesting.

It was a good, fun and active weekend.

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