Friday, April 13, 2012

3 Daze in Tokyo

Two weeks ago, Maiko and I (pictured above in our traditional clothes for the trip) hopped on a Skymark special fare to Tokyo from Asahikawa(after waiting 2 hours because of electronic problems on the airplane).

The main purpose of our trip to Tokyo was to watch The Seattle Mariner's open the 2012 MLB season in The Big Egg (Tokyo Dome). Above, you can see us having a beer with Ichiro. Below, you can see the two free souvenirs we came home with after watching batting practice on both game days. By the way, The Mariner's won the first game (yeah!), but lost the second (boo!).

After the games, the crowds were CRAZY. Above and below you can see how they truly squeeze them on the trains down there. I got claustrophobic just watching this....

In the morning, we made sure to visit a few coffee/espresso shops around Tokyo that were roasting coffee. It was an educational trip for us to see how the coffee trend is catching on down there in the big city!

The weather was great down there and I was often walking around in just a short sleeved shirt. We would map out where we wanted to go and try to walk the distance if it was 3km's or less. Needless to say, we did a lot of walking down there, but we stopped in a few parks here and there to smell the flowers or early blossoms (non-sakura as we were a couple weeks early).

We also visited a few cat cafes while we were down there. The above quote and below two pictures were from these cafes. Yes, that is a cat (a Maine Coon, the same breed as our Fonzie) that Maiko is desperately trying to hold up. The other picture is lunchtime at the 1st cafe we visited.

The 3rd evening, after watching baseball the first two, we bar-hopped around to different craft beer pubs around Tokyo. Here are a few pictures from this evening. We also dragged a few good friends to a few of them so it was extra special.

It was a short/quick trip, but a lot of fun. The above quote is how I feel about beer these days. Hence my desire to get more good craft beer up here in Hokkaido and/or Higashikawa. The wheels are turning up in the brain so stay tuned for more on this later.

Now....back to my training so I can enjoy those beers in future with less guilt! ;)

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