Thursday, April 5, 2012

Here we go!

Wednesday totals:

Calories: 2322
DQS: 22

Going forward, I'll do my best to report in before going to bed every night. Eventually, I'll start posting in Japanese, too. もうちょっと、日本語でもブログをアップデートします。

Today, Thursday, was a GOOD day!!

1) 30 minutes on the bike trainer/roller first thing in the morning. Avg cadence 95~100.
2) 60 minutes of swim drills. Total distance: 1,800 meters.

Calories: 2413
DQS: 20

Notes: I would've scored 22 DQS if I didn't eat those 2 little cookie things a teacher gave all of us. On a good note, I turned down the Mister Donuts that another teacher bought. There was enough leftover for people to have another 1/2 donut. I walked past the plate about 6 times and never even thought about it!

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