Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kaze, Fubuki and Kangekai's...Oh My!

After returning from Tokyo, where Maiko helped me celebrate me reaching my diet/exercise goals by drinking many tasty craft beers down there, I went to the mountain on Sunday where I promptly realized I caught a nasty cold. Consequently, I didn't do any exercise for 2 days (Monday~Tuesday) and those were the first two days in over 3 months that I did absolutely nothing....except post the previous "blog focus change" update here. In fact, it was the reason I posted it so I could feel I made some progress. ;) (wink). I take that back. I made other forward progress by counting my calories consumed AND started keeping a DQS (Diet Quality Score). With that said, here are my recent numbers:

Monday: 2300
Tuesday: 2420

Monday: 22 (not bad)
Tuesday: 10 (terrible. Too many sweets from departing teachers at work)

* My current goal is under 2,500/day with the same average training schedule that I've been doing which has my current daily calorie needs around 3,000~3,500!

**I'll explain DQS in more detail soon, but the general goal is to get between 23~29 every day.

Today, Wednesday, I finally exercised again:

Bike (inside trainer/roller): 61 minutes easy riding at 105 avg cadence. Watched first 1/2 of Cinderella Man. Cried twice...

See you tomorrow!

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